23 September 2016

I am a business student at BYU-I and this is my first experience blogging.  I am in Web Business 250.

This week I learned about:

  • Business models and idea generation

Business models http://digitalenterprise.org/models/models.html

Business Ideas http://bizthoughts.mikelee.org/brainstorming-business-ideas.html

Magic Box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjES2wj_zxE&NR=1



  • Demand and competition


One way demand is measured is by how many times a word is searched for on google.

The key word planning tool also ranks how much competition there is in a given market for a product/service.




  • Setting up a blog

That’s what I am doing here.


  • Discussion boards

The class engaged in discussion boards about these subjects.